The best content, PR digital, social and media training  

We offer tailored training courses in a wide range of content areas drawing on the skills and knowledge of many of the industry's best journalism and PR trainers.

You will see from the links opposite the subject areas we cover. What makes our training different is that this isn't just about what you learn during six hours or so in the classroom. We offer a much more rounded approach to your learning.

If you cannot measure the success of the training in terms of real improvement in the quality of the delegate's work, you will have wasted your investment.

Our aim is to dramatically improve the chances of success by focusing as much on what happens before and after the course, as during it. We will work with you to produce a carefully constructed programme of learning which involves the trainer really understanding the organisation's and the individual's needs.

We will assess the starting point for each learner and develop the on-the-day content to carefully meet those needs. Then when the training day is over, we will ensure that the learning does not stop there. That might be follow-up webinars with the tutor, individual coaching sessions, content reviews or direct, written feedback on pieces of writing.

With our wealth of experience in content, digital, PR and learning and development, we can provide you with a package that will have a real impact on your business. Please contact us and we can provide you with a tailored and bespoke quote.