Improve your public relations skills and knowledge

Engage Media Training's PR trainers all have one thing in common. They are all excellent journalists who have switched careers to move into the world of public relations.

It is no coincidence that many PRs come from a journalistic background. Years of experience tells them instinctively what will interest their former colleagues and what won't. They also know who to reach and how to reach them to ensure your message has maximum impact.

That's the main reason their courses have proven to be so popular. You won't just be getting what the textbook tells you, you will be getting the inside story on how the media works and how to engage more effectively with them.

Most of the courses we offer are one-day events.

The essentials of press release writing

Understanding PR

Finding stories to drive better coverage

Internal communications

These are generic outlines. We pride ourselves on adapting all the courses we run to the individual needs of each business we work with. The tutor will discuss the content with you in advance.  Where appropriate, we will agree a blended programme of learning that includes work prior to attending the course and post-course that helps to ensure the skills and knowledge gained are really embedded in each learner.

Please contact us for more information about any of these courses.